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About Sharon Lane

Inside Sharon Lane

Any good organization must have an inspiring, shared mission at its core and it must have capable leadership in place to execute the organization's vision.

Sharon Lane Health and Rehabilitation believes that the best approach to providing a caring environment for our residents is through a team approach. We believe that this approach will lend itself to a warmer, home-like environment for our residents, giving them the opportunity to be “The Best That They Can Be!”

The overall concept of the team approach at Sharon Lane Health and Rehabilitation is to better care for our residents by getting to know them and their family history, providing better support for each other, and always working in the same community so they get to know how to best serve those that they support.

We are dedicated to creating an enlivening environment that will address the needs of the whole person, while at the same time eliminate loneliness, helplessness and boredom.


Incorporating animals, nature, and regular visits from several community youth organizations, the residents of Sharon Lane Health and Rehabilitation continue to thrive as they have their whole lives.


  • 78 bed Licensed Medicare and Medicaid Facility

  • Locally owned and Operated

  • Serving the Shawnee and Johnson County community for over 60 years

  • Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapies

Ancillary Services

  • Hospice Care

  • Audiology

  • Vision Services

  • Discharge Planning

  • Insurance Billing

  • Dental Services

  • Podiatry Services

  • Restorative Therapy

  • Psychiatric and Psychological Services

  • Barber & Beauty Shop Services

The Owners


Harry and Connie have been in the Long-Term Care Business for more than twenty-eight years. Their experience has also been in various size organizations ranging from large corporate entities to family-owned, single facility operations.

Their philosophy is centered on a balanced approach to providing services for residents needing skilled nursing care. They believe in making the best, most compassionate, attentive care available and operating a sound solid business.

Harry, who has a Doctorate in Adult Education and Administration from the University of Kansas, has a Long-Term Care Administrator's License in both Kansas and Missouri and has been an administrator and owner in several settings.  Harry is also active on the national level with the American Health Care Association where he serves on the Independent Owners Council, the Long-Term Care Image Committee and the National Conference Planning Committee.

Connie, who has her Master's degree in Nursing at the University of Phoenix, has been a Licensed Administrator and has been responsible for the development and implementation of specialized programs such as Sub-Acute Rehabilitation Units, Alzheimer's Special Care Units, Risk Management Protocols for Long-Term Care Facilities, and the establishment of Plans of Corrections for Long-Term Care Facilities. In addition, she has worked as a consultant in the comprehensive planning, organizing and development of nursing services and systems for several clients.  She currently serves as Sharon Lane Health and Rehabilitaion's Director of Nursing.

Sharon Lane Health and Rehabilitaion is truly a family operation as Harry and Connie are continually involved with the facility. Their four children are involved in the business, as is their son-in-law and daughter-in-law.

The Baum’s mission is focused around a resident-centered concept that attempts to accommodate the resident’s individual needs and gives them the freedom to continue to, as much as possible, make their own choices and decisions in life.  We have been successful in the past by providing the balance of excellent care and sound business practices. Our Vision for Sharon Lane is to continue this practice for years to come.

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